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2005-08-22: Sandsculptures
Sandsculptures in Lommel, Belgium
2005-09-13: Sanne, Ba
Sanne gets his Bachelor diploma!
2005-10-16: My Birthday
My 25th birthday! Yay!
2005-11-13+14: Merlijn
Merlijn's 11th birthday on November 14 was preceded by a party for some of her classmates.
2005-12-03: Sinterklaas
Sinterklaas party at my sister's house
2005-12-26: Christmas
Christmas party at my sister's place in Goirle
2005-12-31: New Year's eve
New Year's eve party with my family in Goirle
2006-01-11: Ananta
New Year's reception
2006-06-10: Dad's Birthday
Dad's 70th birthday party
2006-06-18+19: Tobias' Birthday
My nephew Tobias' 10th birthday
2007-02-17: Joost's Bachelor Party
Photo's of Joost's bachelor party
2007-02-23: Wedding Joost & Marrigje
Joost and Marrigje got married in Zaltbommel. Later that day, the wedding company went to a castle in Elsloo and stayed there until Sunday.
2007-08-24: Wedding Roel & Martha
2007-08-25: Odile's Birthday
Actually, her birthday is on the 24th, but 25th was a Saturday and therefore more convenient for a family party!
2007-09-21: Marieke MSc
Marieke graduates from her Tilburg University psychology education and becomes Marieke, MSc.
2008-08-24: Odile's Birthday
Odile turned 39 on Sunday August 24. We went for a stroll in the woods and heaths and we had cake and Tandoori-style BBQ.
2008-11-30: Sinterklaas (Marieke's family)
2008-12-27: Christmas at the Veluwe
Two chilly, but enjoyable days
2009-02-08: Ton's birthday party
2009-02-21: Joost's birthday on Texel
No better way to celebrate Joost's 30th than on the Island.
2009-04-12: Easter in Haaren
Easter in Haaren, including many pics of a walk in the Kampina area.
2009-07-18: Grandma's birthday
Grandma van Eijkeren invited us to the annual dinner party at "De Rosep". The food there is very good indeed!
2009-07-25: Dinner in Hilvarenbeek
Peter & Lynn came to visit their family from their home in Florida. We had dinner and enjoyed general merrymaking in Hilvarenbeek.
2009-09-17: Chris' and Debby's wedding
On the sunny afternoon of 17 September 2009, Chris and Debby got married in the picturesque castle of Sint Oedenrode
2009-09-27 Marieke's 26th birthday
Marieke turned 26 today. Hurray!
2009-10-11: Ryanne's birthday
Ryanne's birthday party in Eindhoven.
2010-03-01: Mark's PhD
Mark gets his PhD!
2012-01-07: Michiel's Stag Party
Yep, it's about to happen - Michiel and Machteld are going to happen. The proverbial last time to hang out with the guys!
2012-02-25: Frits is a doctor now
Is there a doctor in the room? Certainly!
2012-04-28: Maartje and Armand get married
My friend and colleague Armand married his long-time lady friend Maartje on April 28. The ceremony and party took place at 'Klooster Bethlehem' in Haren, The Netherlands.
2013-03-03: Edith's birthday
A few snapshots of Edith's birthday party

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